Friday, August 14, 2009

Birdy Hiatus Announcement

Hey guys, besides the overall burn out fall is coming quick. And in fall comes Japanese proficiency tests. Between GoE and I, we plan on taking several different ones, so time previously spent on Birdy needs to now be spent on study. You may not know this, but in Japan, tests mean everything when it comes to getting a job. You could be completly bilingual, have lived in Japan for 40 years, but if you haven't passed the test, your resume will just be thrown away.

But even so, poor GoE isn't a girl who can quit in the middle of something, so we have to get to a stopping place or she'll go insane. The next good place to stop is the end of "The Child of Quarter" story arc. Thus, Volume 4 Chapter 7 will be our final release.

Now do I mean "FINAL" final? Maybe. We don't know yet. Tests will go all the way till the end of this year. But in January 2010 we will no longer be studying. So check back then and you may just find a stream of new chapters. I'll be sure to give some more updates on our thoughts as we work up to our final chapter.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck :)
...and thx 4 the releases

Anonymous said...

Oh no! *slitswrist*

Just kidding, thanks for the releases so far.

Heard the same thing about this Japanese proficiency test and its importance a while ago on (fun blog about a black ex-english teacher in Japan).
Good luck with them!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, god bless, thanks for the birdy ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chapters. Hope it all works out and you can continue scanslating.

alchemist11 said...

"but if you haven't passed the test, your resume will just be thrown away."

Not nescessarily. I have a cousin who had lived there for almost 10 years (was on the verge of getting his citizenship, before he was forced to move out to save his son) and he didn't know Japanese well enough for any test, sure, enough for a conversation with someone, but not to get into say, Tokyo university. That said, I should mention he got a scholarship to study there and then completed his Ph.D in Pharmacy before he had a great career, so he had been living pretty large.

(As to why he moved out, his son had a wierd sickness which Japan had no technology to cure, in fact, no country does, so to get away from their herbal medication, he needed actual drugs which can help).

Anonymous said...

Im happy that you all have been releasing this series at all and if it comes to it being dropped I'll shed a tear and move on :*) Thank for all the releases so far and I wish you all luck

Anonymous said...

If you do drop it, hopefully somebody else can pick it up. You picked it up from Chikan after all.

Dingo said...

as has been stated from all of our other fans with voice here, thanks again for even starting this. Best of luck with everything you two are about to attempt, and hopefully come the new year, boredom (hopefully the type associated with the aftermath of success) will set in again and we might see a revival of your project here. and if not then i still wish the best for the both of you.

ganbatte ^^

ramen delivery said...

this makes me very sad

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